Truffle Ramen

Truffle Ramen

Meat Ingredients 
300g pancetta 
5g salt 
10ml sesame oil 
20g fresh ginger 
1 scallion  
100ml sake 
100ml soy sauce 
20g sugar 
100ml water 

Ramen Ingredients 
2L dashi broth  
1 garlic clove 
1 scallion 
50ml sesame oil 
150g miso 
25g sugar 
25ml sake 
5g salt 
5g ginger 
20g combo seaweed 
40ml oyster sauce 
100ml soy sauce 
100g black truffle pate 
320g noodles 

Marinated Eggs ingredients 
4 eggs 
200ml water 
50ml soy sauce 
50ml mirin 

Meat Process 

  1. Put all the ingredients in a pot and let everything cook slowly for about an hour. Leave it to rest covered for another 2 hours. 

Marinated Eggs Process

  1. Cook the cold eggs in boiling water for about 6 minutes. 
  2. Cool them in water with ice and then peel them. 
  3. In a bowl, mix water, soy and mirin. Put the peeled eggs in and marinate for about 2 hours.  

Ramen Process

  1. In a cooking pan, place the sesame oil, garlic, spring onions and grated ginger. Cook until fragrant. 
  2. Add the dashi broth, combo seaweed and black pate. 
  3. When everything is boiling, add the miso paste dissolved in a bowl with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sake, sugar and turn off the heat. 
  4. On the side, cook the noodles, drain them and place them in four separate bowls. 


  1. Plate up the dish with all ingredients you can add extra nori seaweed, pack ahoy and truffle porcini for extra flavour! 
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