About Us

Frankie's Pantry & Cellar comes from a proud family history in the food and wine industry, stretching back three generations of Italian roots. 
Originally from Sicily, the Frankie's Pantry & Cellar family heritage are fisherman and arrived in Australia in the 1950's. Never forgetting their roots, the Frankie's Pantry & Cellar family have always loved produce from Italy, Europe & Australia. 
The Italian family tradition of eating around the dinner table and sharing meals with great food and wines is the heart behind Frankie's Pantry & Cellar. Each product in Frankie's Pantry & Cellar is specifically selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality and great value. 
With quality, premium hand crafted and regional food and wines being the driving factor of Frankie's Pantry & Cellar we hope you enjoy our range.