Tiramisu with Truffles

Tiramisu with Truffles

Mascarpone Cream Ingredients 

1 kg mascarpone 
400g egg yolk 
300g egg white 
250g Truffle Honey 

Tiramisu Ingredients 
1 pack of ladyfingers 
1L coffee 
Cocoa powder 

Mascarpone Cream Process 

  1. Fluff the egg white with the help of an electric hand mixer;
  2. Add the eggs, sugar and mascarpone, mix until combined.
  3. With a silicon spatula, incorporate the egg whites, using long upwards motions to fold the mixture together until combined.  

Tiramisu Process and Finishing

  1. Wet the ladyfinger in the coffee one by one. Once wet, quickly lay them on the surface of a high rimmed rectangular baking pan.  
  2. Cover them with part of the cream, making sure the entire surface is covered. 
  3. Do the same procedure another time. Cover and leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours. 
  4. Remove from the fridge, sprinkle with cocoa and serve! 


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