Truffle Tortilla Spagnola

Truffle Tortilla Spagnola


8 medium eggs  
600g potatoes 
200g onions 
98ml black truffle oil  
502ml sunflower oil (to fry the potatoes) 
94g black truffle pate 


1. Peel and chop the onions in julienne. In a pan, put half of the truffle olive oil. When the oil is hot, put on the onions and let them cook until they are brownish and caramelised; 

2. In another pan pour in sunflower oil on a low heat. In the meantime (while the oil is heating up) peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes, then wash and dry them. Now you are ready to fry them (make sure that the oil is hot enough); 

3. When the potatoes are fried, salt them and incorporate to onions before cooked; 

4. Put the eggs in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt, pepper, black truffle pate, the potatoes and the onion mixture. Combine everything together.  

5. Put on the stove in a non-stick pan, add the rest of the black truffle oil, let heat it up and then put the egg mixed with the potatoes and the onions;  

6. With a soft spatula mix it up, gently like you are making scrambled eggs. When you see that the eggs begins to coagulate, stop mixing and leave the mixture still at a medium heat as if you were making an omelette. 

7. At this point, with the help of a plate, turn the tortilla and lay it back on the pan, cooking it on the other side. 

8. With the help of a dish, turn it over and serve is. The secret is that the middle remains creamy and delicious. Enjoy! 

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